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Your Best Chiropractic X-Ray Resource

Chiropractors choose Imperial to procure the medical imaging equipment and supplies that help them treat their patients with excellence. At Imperial, our team receives direct training from product manufacturers – and we pass that expertise along to chiropractors and their staff.


Imperial chooses products that perform well over their entire lifespan – helping you deliver accurate, trustworthy diagnoses. Choose from a wide selection of chiropractic imaging equipment – including wireless, fixed and hybrid DR panels, complete system or retro-fit options, and chiropractic-tailored software with specific analysis and templating tools.


We discuss and answer key equipment questions with our partners every day. For example, how can you manage the cost of ownership to provide more years of quality performance? Or, which machine is the right fit for your practice?

The gallery below is just some of the comprehensive range of imaging products for chiropractic facilities offered by Imperial Imaging.


X-Ray Systems

Advanced x-ray systems designed specifically for chiropractic care can fit in virtually any x-ray room and maximize your clinical schedule with limited installation time. Design benefits include:

  • Floor or Wall Mounted
  • Head to Toe, Upright Positioning
  • Upper Cervical Modifications (Optional)
  • Handle-Controlled Magnetic Lock Brakes

DR Solutions

Imperial offers both integrated and retrofit Direct Radiography (DR) solutions:

  • Digital Flat Panel Detector (FPD)
  • Imaging Workstation with Software
  • Image Preview with Smart Devices
  • Retro-fit with any X-Ray System

Cloud PACS

Imperial offers HIPAA compliant cloud-based solutions that:

  • provides expandable storage space without the cost to upgrade hardware.
  • increases computing powers that allows clinicians to view and manipulate large images using mobile devices.
  • adds efficiency when you can access images securely via cellular or wireless networks.

Downloadable Literature

Universal Chiropractic Brochure

Acuity CDR Brochure

Viewworks VIVIX Series Brochure

Partnership is our best product.

Imperial works with you to select equipment that meets your needs today and for the future.

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