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Radiology Systems

Increase patient comfort and care with quality systems and support from Imperial Imaging.

Choose a radiology system that helps you go from question to answer faster.

Imperial offers a variety of radiology systems and through the discovery phase will obtain a great understanding of your practice or department in order to make customized, best-fit recommendations. 

Downloadable Literature

Acuity SDR Brochure

Amrad AC400 Brochure

Amrad DFMT Elite Brochure

Amarad FRS Brochure

Amrad OTS-M-AT Brochure

DRGEM GXR-S Portfolio Brochure


Fuji FDR Clinica Brochure

Konica KDR-AU Brochure

Konica KDR-Primary Brochure

Konica OTC Brochure

Konica Performance DR Brochure

Konica Straight Arm Brochure

Partnership is our best product.

Imperial works with you to select equipment that meets your needs today and for the future.

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